New Image – Lioness carrying cub, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

March 2010, after some really heavy rains in the Southern Serengeti. Along a flooded valley a of Lioness had given birth to two small cubs. While guiding some keen photographers one afternoon, one of the most amazing scenes I ever saw, but couldn’t photograph. We found the Lioness and her sister lying by the side [...]

New Image – Caracals drinking, Masai Mara NR, Kenya

Back in time for this one… November 2010. Almost completely alone in the Mara. I had followed for a long time this mother Caracal the previous year with a male cub. I was really looking forward to find her again if she had another litter. I came across her one late evening in September 2010 [...]

From the field – Lion yawning at sunrise – Masai Mara NR

The Musiara Marsh in the north-western Mara, has forever been a Lions’ paradise. The famous Marsh pride made it its home. These Lions have been known to leave the Marsh occasionally during the rainy season, looking for more abundant food to the north of the reserve. But they would always come back with the return [...]

Cover image on the Remembering Elephants book

Remembering Elephants is a wonderful charity photographic book on African Elephants featuring images from 65 of the world’s best wildlife photographers. Included are some of my heroes and inspirations, such as Jonathan and Angela Scott, Frans Lanting, Art Wolfe, Michel Denis-huot, and many others. All the profits from the sale of the book will be [...]

Award at GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016

I am particularly happy to announce that my image “Elephants on Cracked Soil”, taken in Amboseli in 2012, has been awarded as Runner up in the Mammals category at the prestigious GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016. The image is included in my book “Light and Dust” and is one of my limited [...]