Cover image on the Remembering Elephants book

Remembering Elephants is a wonderful charity photographic book on African Elephants featuring images from 65 of the world’s best wildlife photographers. Included are some of my heroes and inspirations, such as Jonathan and Angela Scott, Frans Lanting, Art Wolfe, Michel Denis-huot, and many others. All the profits from the sale of the book will be [...]

Light and Dust review by Art Wolfe

While guiding guests on safari I was particularly proud to find out that Art Wolfe, one of the best and most acclaimed wildlife and travel photographers in the world, reviewed and commented about my book Light and Dust on his blog in the section “From Art’s bookshelf”. “…His book is a testament to what great photographers [...]

Presentation of book “Light and Dust” at various camera clubs in London – May, June 2016

As part of my efforts to support my book “Light and Dust”, published in September 2015 by Marsilio Editore and distributed worldwide by Rizzoli International, I am holding a series of presentations to different camera clubs in London, UK, in late May and early June 2016. Below is the calendar of events (Please Note: Non [...]

More presentations for Light and Dust in January 2016

Dando seguito alla prima serie di presentazioni svolte nell’Ottobre del 2015, nel Gennaio del 2016 svolgero’ un’altra serie di eventi per promuovere il libro Light and Dust (Luce e Polvere), pubblicato in edizione italiana e inglese nel Settembre del 2015. Durante le presentazioni ci immergeremo nell’atmosfera unica delle savane africane, attraverso le immagini, e raccontero’ [...]

Light and Dust officially released

Light and dust, my first book on African wildlife has been officially released on September 15th 2015. It is now available in major bookstores and on the main online retailers. The English edition, Light and Dust, is available here: Rizzoli USA, Amazon USA, Amazon UK La versione italiana, intitolata Luce e polvere, puo’ essere acquistata qui: Amazon, Rizzoli, IBS e Feltrinelli You can [...]