Portfolio update with new images


I have updated the Portfolio section of the website with many new images and a new structure. All the images in the Portfolio section are now limited editions of 10 prints per each image, including every format. Please check the Acquire Fine-art prints page for information on prices and sizes. Images are divided by three broad categories: Wildlife in Landscapes features evocative images of African animals surrounded by their environment. Portraits is self explanatory, as it includes intimate portraits of African wildlife. Moments includes images of African wildlife behavior, such as interactions between mothers and babies, fights for dominance, hunting etc. All include a black and white and a color section. To see a broader selection of my images, kindly refer to the ARCHIVE section, which is being currently updated with new images and better accessibility through metadata. Some galleries have already been updated, some are still being worked on. In addition to these major developments,  I also made some small changes to the graphics of the website and to other pages as well. Hope you enjoy the new images!

LONE GIANT, Amboseli, 2010

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