Photographic safaris in Kenya and Tanzania


Through my own safari company, Image Safaris, I regularly design and guide intimate African wildlife photographic safaris and workshops in the finest parks in Kenya and Tanzania and to Mana Pools in Zimbabwe. My safaris are specifically designed to satisfy the needs of wildlife photographers. I personally drive your vehicle as we leave camp each morning in search for excellent photo opportunities and wildlife action in the amazing setting of the African plains. Please check the Image Safaris website for more information on our safaris, upcoming safaris, our destinations.

Photo Safaris in Kenya, Tanzania and Mana Pools by Federico Veronesi

Safaris for wildlife photographers 

My safaris are dedicated to serious wildlife photography and to in-depth observation of the animals and their behavior.

Forget about a relaxing vacation! On these safaris we shall be out in the field with the animals for ten hours per day or more. We’ll start way before sunrise and not return to camp until it’s dark again.

We will focus on specific animals for full days, sometimes even for an entire safari if the situation is highly productive. I feel that this is the only way to really enter the world of the animals, to understand them and to capture extraordinary images. Bring along huge amounts of patience and desire to just sit under a tree all day watching a pride of sleeping Lions or waiting for a Leopard to descend the tree it is resting on. In my experience, the most interesting behaviors may happen unexpectedly and at any time of the day.

This approach will make you live your safari in a completely different way from the traditional “see it all in one day” style. You’ll be fully involved in the life in the savannah, and you’ll soon see the world around you through the eyes of the animal we are following. It could be a mother Cheetah raising her cubs, a Serval kitten waiting for its mother to return to the den, or a bull Elephant wandering through the plains searching for a mate.

I am a professional safari guide certified by the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association (KPSGA, Bronze level). Having been based in Kenya since 2002 as a photographer and guide, I developed an intimate and in-depth knowledge of the best wildlife photography areas in Kenya and Northern Tanzania, and on African wildlife behavior. I personally choose accommodation in the best locations with access to prime wildlife photography areas.

On safari I will position you in the best angle to enable you to take award-winning images, taking light and composition into account and using my experience on African wildlife behavior to predict where and how the action will develop.

I guide safaris for very small groups of photographers and I am available to organize and guide a private and tailored safari for you. All my safaris are operated by my small Kenya-based fully licensed tour operator called Image Safaris. Kindly check the Image Safaris website, or contact me directly for more information and booking.


Best of Kenya and great Wildebeests’ migration, Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli

These safaris focus on the great wildebeests’ migration in the Masai Mara. Here we’ll concentrate on the famous big cats of the Masai Mara and on the wildebeests as they cross the raging waters of the Mara river. These safaris are always packed with wildlife action and extraordinary encounters. Some safaris include visits to Lake Nakuru for its colony of Flamingos and to Amboseli to photograph its famous and majestic Elephant herds. There are many upcoming safaris here in Kenya scheduled, please check the Image Safaris website for more details.


Photo safaris in Mana Pools

Sitting on a log a few feet away from a completely wild Elephant feeding from a tree just above your head in total peace and relaxation is a simply unforgettable experience, and gives plenty of very good and unusual photographic perspectives. Join me on a fantastic walking photo safari to this magical and remote place on the banks of the Lower Zambesi, where Wild dogs roam free and wide. More info on the Image Safaris website.


Southern Serengeti Plains, Wildebeests’ migration and Ngorongoro Crater

These safaris focus on the wildebeests’ migration as it reaches the short grass plains of the Southern Serengeti during the wet season from December to April. Here they give birth to their calves all at the same time, providing food for the hungry predators that inhabit these amazing endless plains. We’ll photograph Cheetahs and Lions families on the majestic Kopjes, we’ll look for action and unique images in dramatic sceneries, and we’ll visit the famous Ngorongoro Crater. Check the Image Safaris website for dates and more information.