Photographic exhibitions in China for Elephant awareness

Ever since I started photographing wild animals I always wondered how my photography and my work in general could serve to help the cause of wildlife conservation. I always gave my images to many conservation organisations for their promotional and awareness campaigns, or as fund raising tools, such as the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Action for Cheetahs in Kenya, African Wildlife Foundation. Among these organisations is EcoSys Action, based in Hong Kong and extremely active in promoting education and awareness about wild animals in China. I feel that this aspect of wildlife conservation is crucial. Only by reducing demand of wildlife products in the importing countries we will see a long term solution to the poaching crisis.

In this context, earlier this year I was invited by Eco Sys to hold a series of photographic exhibitions about Elephants in China, and with pleasure I accepted the invitaiton. Exhibitions will be held in the coast city of Qingdao starting from June 6th to June 9th in Banks and Universities, and will be on for about a month. There will be media coverage in China and hopefully more exhibitions in the future. I will hold lectures about Elephants, about life in the wild in Africa, and touching of course on the poaching crisis. It seems that a vast majority of Chinese people are not aware that ivory comes from Elephants’ tusks, and that the Elephant has to die before the tusks are cut off. Prints are all ready and I am all set to depart to China later today. I will try to give updates on the events if possible, otherwise I will report once I am back in mid- June.

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  1. Lorenzo Marchetti

    Ottimo lavoro e grande impegno, complimenti.

  2. Are you coming through Hong Kong? If so let me

  3. Ana Zinger

    Wow Federico! This is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow. This is great Federico!

  5. Steven

    Dear Mr. Veronesi, your presentation in Qingdao yesterday was great and impressive. Amazing wildlife, colorful images, concept of conservation…

    • Federico Veronesi

      Dear Steven, thanks for your feedback. Just back from China. Glad you liked the presentation and the images. I was very pleased on how the images and the Elephants’ conservation issues have been received. Look forward to return to China for more lectures and presentations.
      Best regards,

  6. Mikaela

    Your work is stunning, and as an avid supporter of eradicating the slaughter of elephants I thank you for your stunning work, capturing moments that I hope generations from now will be able to experience in real life.

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