New Image – Lioness carrying cub, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania


March 2010, after some really heavy rains in the Southern Serengeti. Along a flooded valley a of Lioness had given birth to two small cubs. While guiding some keen photographers one afternoon, one of the most amazing scenes I ever saw, but couldn’t photograph. We found the Lioness and her sister lying by the side of the gulley. Lots of Yellow-billed Storks and Marabou Storks were flying above the flowing water, or perching on the top of the bushes and the Acacias. All of a sudden one of the Lionesses got up and trotted right towards the gulley, in the water. We watched her but we couldn’t understand what was she up to. Suddenly she leaped in the air a good couple of meters and caught in mid-air a Marabou flying low above the water. None of us had the camera ready, lesson learnt. Always be ready for the unexpected! Later she gave us a small compensation, as she went to a bush and came out with this tiny and fluffy cub in her mouth. She probably wanted to take it further away from the flowing water. Notice the abundance of flies on her face.

New Image – Caracals drinking, Masai Mara NR, Kenya


Back in time for this one… November 2010. Almost completely alone in the Mara. I had followed for a long time this mother Caracal the previous year with a male cub. I was really looking forward to find her again if she had another litter. I came across her one late evening in September 2010 with a new cub but then she disappeared again. Until one day in mid-morning two months later, when I saw them descending Rhino Ridge towards the Talek River. I then managed to find them every day for more than a week. Sightings were still mostly at dusk or before sunrise, in very low light. So I was eager to photograph them in a good light for once. On this particular day I saw them go to sleep inside a small gulley. After a while the mother left the cub and walked away. I tried to track her but I quickly lost her. So I just sat with the cub and waited for her return. At about 5pm she appeared from where she had vanished, far across the stream. I was surprised cause it was quite early. But I was happy, I hoped I could get some images in late afternoon light. I wondered what to do … cross the gulley and go towards her or wait near the cub? I feared that she might call the cub to her and I would miss their encounter. But I might have scared her if I moved… I decided to go closer to her… and it was a mistake. As much as I approached slowly, as I got to about 100mts she sunk back into the gulley. Not to be seen again until after sunset, when suddenly she appeared near the cub, called him out, completely relaxed in my presence. And then they drank right in front of me together. A truly unforgettable sight, but again… almost in total darkness!

From the field – Lion yawning at sunrise – Masai Mara NR

The Musiara Marsh in the north-western Mara, has forever been a Lions’ paradise. The famous
Marsh pride made it its home. These Lions have been known to leave the Marsh occasionally during
the rainy season, looking for more abundant food to the north of the reserve. But they would always
come back with the return of the great migration. Not this year. It has been a very dry year throughout East Africa, and also in the Mara. Rains have been miserable in April and May. Maasai
cattle has grazed the Marsh extensively every night for months, turning the plains bare. Was this the
reason that kept Charm, the other Lionesses and their cubs away from their home? It could certainly
be a factor but I suspect that the main reason was the appearance in their home range of a new
extraordinary coalition of six young male Lions, who might kill their cubs if they found them. The two
dominant Marsh males are older and bigger than these young ones, but these six find strength staying together. Here one of the six yawns at sunrise on the edge of the marsh, on a cold and humid
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