New Portfolio of images from Mana Pools and Matusadona National Parks

Lion_cub_Landscape_Mana-Pools_african-wildlife_fine-art-printMy latest collection of prints has been published today in the Portfolio section of my website. This Portfolio includes 25 of my favorite images taken in the last few years in Mana Pools and Matusadona National Parks, in the Zambesi Valley on the Zimbabwe side. After photographing extensively in Eastern Africa for many years, in 2012 I decided to begin exploring new regions of Afirca to find new habitats and settings for my images. Ever since my first trip to Mana Pools I litterally fell in love with the place, its magic atmosphere and light. Probably the most fascinating aspect of Mana Pools is that all the images in this collection have been taken while on foot, without any human made barrier between me and the animals. It is probably here in Mana Pools that I lived some of the most unforgettable wildlife experiences and encounters of my life, and I look forward to many more in the future. Matusadona NP, on the shores of Lake Kariba, haunts me with its stark landscapes of Elephants walking or swimming among dead trees rising from the water.

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