Elephants on cracked soil

ELEPHANTS ON CRACKED SOIL, Amboseli, 2012This image of a family of African Elephants (Loxodonta Africana) crossing the dry pan in Amboseli was taken in July last year. I parked on the pan, an endless expanse of dry red soil cracked by the baking African sun, and waited for the family I had seen from a distance to reach me. The sky was cloudy, it was rather cold. I wanted to include the cracked soil in my image, to render the harshness of the place these Elephants leave in. So I laid on the floor of my car and pointed my wide angle to the earth, and hoped that the matriarch would lead her family close enough to me to show up in the higher portion of the frame. It is fantastic to have a herd of Elephants walking by a few meters away on the pan, the only sound all around being that of the soil that cracks beneath their feet.

“Elephants on cracked soil” is available as a limited edition print in sizes up to 2mt wide. Check the Fine-art prints page for more information and to order.

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  1. Hi Federico,

    This image is super! Can only imagine how good it would on a wall size print. Needs to be in a high-end gallery.



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