Federico's images featured extensively in the book, both in the "Grasslands and Deserts" section and in the "Forests" section
My image on the cover
Two images on "Remembering Rhinos"
Portfolio on Yearbook 2015
Presentations in UK to present "Light and Dust"
My image on the cover of "Remembering Elephants" book
Extensive interview
features my images


raving review of my book "Light and Dust"
Exhibition of large prints in Biella
Presentations of the book in various camera clubs. May/June 2016
Presentation of "Light and Dust" book
Many of my images are included in the BBC Books’ title “THE HUNT”
Sarezzo (BS) on October 16th 2015
Cheetahs alive exhibition


Book "Light and Dust" officially available


Joining amazing nature photography blog
My images included in the new BBC Books’ title “LIFE STORY”
Two calendars coming out for 2014 featuring my wildlife images.
Awareness campaign about Africa's Elephants in China